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Our Range of Custom Made Bamboo Menu Covers With Branding!
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Looking For Custom Made Bamboo Menu Covers?

You've Come To The Right Place! We Are Manufacturers & Suppliers of Custom Bamboo Menu Covers!

Our Range of Custom Made Bamboo Menu Covers

Looking for Bamboo Menu Covers? you’ve come to the right place! We offer the best pricing and fastest turnaround times in the country!

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Menu Covers

Why Choose Bamboo Menu Covers?

Single-use plastic is one of the world’s most wasteful materials. A staggering quantity of plastic is discarded after only one use and most of the times, they end up in our seas, rivers, forests, and landfills.

At Menu Folders South Africa, we care for the environment and know that you do too. That’s why we are dedicated in providing you with high quality, custom and long-lasting eco-friendly products like our bamboo menu covers that are designed to have a low carbon footprint while still looking stunning!

The Use of Bamboo Today

The use of Bamboo in design has been increasing over the years. It’s being used all across the globe nowadays, not only in furniture within the home, hotels, and restaurants but is also being used for entire building structures.

Bamboo has been used in Japanese and Chinese civilizations for ages, with some Chinese bridges reaching back to the 10th century AD! There are around 1,400 different species of Bamboo all over the world. Southeast Asia is home to a huge percentage of Bamboo species – 900 to be precise. The plant comes in a variety of shapes and colors, depending on its origin.

Why Use Bamboo Menu Covers?

When bamboo is used in a design piece such as a Menu Cover, it creates a distinctive style that blends nature in a unique way that transforms a very ordinary Menu Cover into an amazing work of art. Bamboo not only looks gorgeous, but it is also becoming increasingly popular in modern designs due to its sustainability, flexibility, and durability.

Since bamboo is lightweight, affordable, durable & Eco-Friendly; bamboo menu covers are an excellent choice that offers great value for money! These menu covers add a natural aesthetic to any space and also adds to the experience or mood. The natural and calming aesthetic that bamboo menu covers offer make them perfect for restaurants, spa’s, service businesses, hotels & more.

Are Custom Bamboo Menu Covers Durable?

Because of its versatility and strength in building & products, bamboo is frequently referred to as the new ‘green steel,’ with entire homes now being constructed completely of this sturdy plant. Bamboo offers incredible strength and lifespan while staying light and portable. With proper care, your bamboo menu covers can be used over and over again without deterioration!

Our wide of Bamboo Menu Covers are manufactured using high quality, sustainable Bamboo and laser cut to ensure a neat and consistent cut every time! Since Bamboo is a natural material, there are variations between each Menu Cover which makes each one unique in its own way!

Branding Options:

We offer the following branding options for our range of Bamboo Menu Covers:

• Laser Engraving
• Screen Printing
• Custom Staining

Whether You Need A Hundred Wooden Menu Covers Or Just A Few, We Can Do It. Contact Us Today For A Free Quote!

We Ship All Across South Africa Including Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Western Cape, Port Elizabeth & More. We Also Supply Our Wooden Menu Covers Internationally.

We Are South Africa's Largest Manufacturer & Supplier of Custom Made Restaurant Menu Covers. No Matter What Your Requirements Are, We Are Most Likely Able To Assist You Get You The Menu Cover You Want!

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