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Looking For Custom Made Cork Menu Covers?

You've Come To The Right Place! We Are Manufacturers & Suppliers of Branded Cork & PU Cork Menu Covers!

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Looking for Organic, Eco-Friendly Cork Menu Covers? you’ve come to the right place! We offer the best pricing and fastest turnaround times in the country for our custom menu’s!

Eco-Friendly Cork Menu Covers

What is Cork ?

Cork stands out as a favored alternative for manufacturers and designers to further explore as the world’s leading sustainable raw material. For those who are unsure of what cork is, a wine bottle stopper might give you a clear image of what traditional cork is and one of the uses for it. Cork products are quickly expanding across a wide range of applications due to the significant benefits that cork has to offer.
Cork is a natural substance that is prized for its flexibility and imperviousness.

Why Choose Cork ?

Cork products are extremely light, waterproof, and stain resistant.
Cork is now frequently used by people looking for environmentally acceptable alternatives to their furnishings. If this isn’t enough to persuade you to choose our cork menu covers, we have a few more compelling arguments that you may not be aware of which may just change your mind about this fantastic material.

Why Choose Custom Made Cork Menu Covers For Your Menu Design?

Cork Is Eco-Friendly!

Plastic is one of the world’s most wasteful materials. A staggering quantity of plastic is discarded after only one use and most of the times, they end up in our seas, rivers, forests, and landfills.

At Menu Folders South Africa, we understand that the modern world demands Greener alternatives to plastic and other single-use materials and products. That’s why we are dedicated in providing you with high quality, custom and long-lasting eco-friendly products like our cork menu covers that are designed to have a low carbon footprint while still looking stunning! These Menu Holders are designed for durability and are designed to handle day to day usage with minimal damage or wear and tear.

Are Cork Menu Folders Water Resistant?

Cork’s water resistance properties are the reason why cork is commonly used as a bottle stopper and as flooring material. On the outside, cork may appear spongy, but it is waterproof & impermeable. On average, there are around 40 million airtight cells in each cubic centimetre of cork, or approximately 800 million cells in a single cork stopper. These cells contain Suberin, which is a natural fatty substance. As a result, there is essentially little water retention within its cell walls, which explains why cork is liquid resistant.

Are Cork Menu Covers Durable?

Cork is frequently used as a home material, such as flooring, bath mats, and tableware, due to its superior resistance to liquids. Its resistance to cracking and abrasions, as well as its incredible ability to resist liquids and moisture which allows your cork products last for years if properly cared for.

PU Cork Menu Covers – An Affordable Cork Alternative

A lot of restaurant across South Africa and neighboring countries found original cork menu covers to be great in appearance but also a bit more pricey due to cork being a more expensive raw material to source. For this reason we have been testing out multiple synthetics and alternative materials that offer the same elegant look that custom cork menu’s offer. After testing out various materials, we have found an excellent alternative called PU Cork.

What Is PU Cork ?

PU Cork is a cork look-alike material. It has a similar look and feel to that of authentic cork with the main exception being that it’s made with PU and is an imitation. Since it’s made of PU, the cost is lower as it’s an easier material to source & a cheaper raw material. Our PU Cork is of the highest quality and will really give you that authentic cork look at a more affordable price point. With this material, you don’t have to sacrifice your menu holders look and appearance due to budget constraints. You can have a very similar look and feel to real cork menu covers at a lower cost.

Are PU Cork Menu Covers Durable?

One of the concerns many of our customers have when going for PU Cork Restaurant Menu’s is whether or not they are as durable and capable of handling daily use. This was something that was important for us when developing this range of menu’s and we can confidently say that our PU Cork menu’s are very durable. We manufacture our PU Cork menu’s using the highest quality PU to ensure that durability isn’t sacrificed when opting for this option. Additionally, these Polyurethane Cork Folders are water resistant & won’t go dull after just a few months. With proper care, these menu books can easily last just as long as authentic cork menu books.

Widest Range of Menu Designs & Branding Options in South Africa!

Menu Folders South Africa is the largest manufacturer & supplier of custom made menu covers, bill folders, room information folders & more for restaurants, cafe’s, coffee shops, takeaways, B&B’s, Guest Houses, Hotels, Spa’s & other related establishments. Our range of menu covers is also the largest amongst all manufacturers in South Africa. In terms of design options, we offer almost every type of branding option you could want. We also offer menu sleeves, screws & more on request.

Menu Branding Options:

We offer the following branding options for our range of Cork & PU Cork Menu Covers:

• Laser Engraving | Logo Lasered
• Debossing | Logo Debossed
• Screen Printing
• Custom Staining

Whether You Need A Hundred Cork Restaurant Menu Covers Or Just A Few, We Can Do It. Contact Us Today For A Free Quote!


We Offer The Best Pricing in South Africa on All Our Products So You Have Nothing To Fear (:

We Ship All Across South Africa Including Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Western Cape, Port Elizabeth & More. We Also Supply Our Cork Menu Folders Internationally. No Matter Where You Are, We Can Ship To You! Request A FREE Quote Today!

PU Cork Is A More Affordable Raw Material & Therefore Costs Cheaper To Manufacture. In Terms of Look & Feel, PU Cork & Authentic Cork Are Almost The Same. For Many of Our Customers, Our PU Cork Offering Is The Ideal Choice Due To Its Affordable Pricing & Classy Look.

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