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Leatherette is a synthetic or man-made material made from vinyl or some type of plastic such as Polyurethane. Leatherette is also commonly referred to as faux leather, fake leather, synthetic leather or even pleather. While leatherette is free of animal by-products, it is designed to replicate the elegant look and feel of genuine leather. Our range of custom made leatherette menu folders are an excellent alternative to genuine leather menu covers as they offer the same look & feel, and quality at a fraction of the price!

Why Choose Leatherette Menu Covers?

Many restaurants, hotels, resorts, Cafés, B&Bs across the country prefer leatherette menu folders due to the elegant look they have and exceptional durability they offer. We manufacture our Leatherette Menu Covers using the best equipment in the industry to ensure consistent quality, numerous branding options and unmatched finishes! Contact us today for a quote and get the lowest prices & fastest turnaround times in South Africa.

We manufacture and supply Menu Covers to Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Kenya, Congo, Malawi & all across the world! No matter which country you’re in, Menu Folders can ship to your door!

All Our Products Are Proudly Manufactured in South Africa

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